UsableTraining offers in-person training in User Experience (UX) Research and Design and related disciplines.

We offer standardized and flexible options to keep up with the latest content.


Flexible: options catered to you and your organization

A customized learning experience, with case studies applicable to your organization.

  • UX Research & Design

  • Design Thinking

  • Usability (website usability, usability testing etc.)

  • Form Design

  • Service Design

  • … and more!


How to convince your manager to take our UX training

Here are 10 great reasons that will help you guide your discussion:


1. Proven

The return on investment in good UX is huge. Across many industries, Canadian executives recognize the value created through UX training, including the decrease in their operational costs by ensuring products and services are more effective, less costly to develop, better meet user needs and generate increased satisfaction. As a result, UX Alliance certification often returns tens of thousands of dollars for just a few thousand dollar investment.



2. Versatile

The skills gained in this training complement a number of professional backgrounds, from designers, computer programmers and engineers looking to update their skillset to public servants and social scientists looking for new ways to draft policies and model services. In short, UX Alliance certification is useful for almost anyone.



3. International

The UX Alliance certification is internationally recognized. Built and delivered by well established UX firms around the world, UX Alliance certification reflects some of the best thinking in the industry and covers all the important stuff.



4. Practical

The UX Alliance certification sessions don’t just explain specific methodologies, we get students to try them so that students know how to use them and illustrate how they have been applied using actual case studies.



5. Comprehensive

Since UX is a multidisciplinary field we offer three different levels of certification, and cover a wide range of topics (psychology, usability, interaction design, etc.).



6. Valuable

UX Alliance certification is an investment in the skills that will increase your team’s value to you as an employer and will be transferable to future employers.



7. Experience

Our trainers have all been in the industry, doing UX and service design, for 15+ years each. They bring real experiences and stories to the training and base questions and discussion on what they have done.



8. Omnichannel

The UX Alliance certification underscores the importance of a good user experience across all your touchpoints, channels, and services not just your digital solutions.



9. Industry-driven

The UX Alliance and its certification was built in response to a request from really, really big firms who wanted better standards and training for the industry.



10. Engaging

We work to make the training sessions fun and interesting and students leave wanting to do and learn more.


Experience the Difference


Small class sizes

Our small class sizes allow you to focus on material and gain critical experience through hands-on activities.

Competitive pricing

Our certifications provide tremendous value per dollar. Have a group of 3 or more? You may qualify for a preferential fee.

Custom training

Looking for something more targeted to your needs? We offer customized training for you and your team. Reach out to us for more information.


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To provide learners with the best education, our instructors offer their knowledge and passion in the User Experience realm which they have attained through over 40 years of experience in total accumulated work and projects.

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